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Facial cosmetic treatments


A range of facial cosmetic treatments are available to meet your requirements, from simple outpatient anti-wrinkle injection treatments (Botox and tissue or dermal  fillers) to daycase operations, such as eyelid reshaping and mini face lift, to inpatient operations, such as rhinoplasty or full face lift.

Further information about injection treatments including botox anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler injections for lip enhancement and lines around the mouth.

Further information about reshaping operations, such as nose reshaping (rhinoplasty, nose job), ear pinning (pinnaplasty, bat ears, ear pinning) or chin reshaping (genioplasty).

Further information about rejuvenation operations, such as mini face lift, eyelid reshaping (eyebags), full face lift, neck lift and brow lift.

Please contact us to request detailed brochures on any of our facial cosmetic treatments.

Stop Press!

You've just missed Spire Hospital Leicester hosting an information evening with Mr Hayter, to discuss facial cosmetic surgery and treatments, on 29th May 2014.

Contact Spire Customer Services on 0116 2653021 for details.

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