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Removal of skin lumps, scars and tumours


Lumps and marks on the skin may be present from childhood or may appear later in life. The cause of skin lesions is usually evident from their appearance and behaviour.

Moles, which are local skin overgrowths, are common and can enlarge or become hairy and pigmented. Cysts, arising from structures below the skin, can arise at any age forming a swelling.  If these common benign skin lumps cause a problem, due to appearance, infection or trauma, they can be carefully excised leaving a discreet scar.

A scar on the face may be caused by trauma or by a previous operation.  Unsightly scars may require removal, revision and careful repair to leave a less obvious scar.

Sun exposed skin like the face may develop skin tumours such as the rodent ulcer, the less common squamous cell carcinoma (cancer) or uncommon but dangerous melanoma.  Skin tumours may need a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis and usually require excision with a wider margin to ensure complete removal.  A flap of local skin or a skin graft may be needed to give the best final appearance.

The aim of any operation is to remove the lesion leaving a more discreet scar.

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