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Mini face lift

If you have signs of aging beyond the scope of injection treatments and are not sure about undergoing a full face lift, a mini facelift may provide the answer.  Also known as the mini lift, the weekend facelift or the S lift (short scar face lift), this operation is increasingly popular because of the quick results and rapid recovery.

As we get older, the soft tissue volume of our face loses its elasticity and can droop.  This may cause lines around the mouth to deepen, jowls to develop with softening of the jaw-line and fullness under the chin to appear.  The aim of a facelift is to raise the facial soft tissue volume and remove excess tissue to restore a more youthful appearance.  The type of face lift indicated depends on the degree of age changes present and the extent of improvement desired.

The mini facelift is particularly helpful for early to moderate age changes, tightening the facial skin and also tightening the deeper tissues underlying the jowls for effective rejuvenation. The mini face lift can be combined with other procedures, such as eyelid surgery or a brow lift, to help achieve your desired appearance.

The operation can be performed with twilight sedation, or under general anaesthesia, with an overnight stay. The operation uses small incisions in the hair line and ear skin creases, reducing bruising and swelling so resulting in less down time.  The final result is apparent after four months.  The operation turns back the clock although natural aging continues.  However it is possible to consider a further mini face lift or even a full facelift at a later stage. Please contact us to request a detailed brochure on mini face lift.

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